Mike's Story

Most people do this themselves, don’t they? We’ll I’m not one of those people. I didn’t really even have a CV to speak of. It was really poorly done.

About Mike


2+ years

Previous Job

Japanese/English Translation

In a nutshell

Bored in his current job, but unsure of his next steps.


Mike was searching for his dream job, but wasn’t sure how to get it. He needed to define his relevant job skills and package them to attract the right job opportunities.

Mike was still relatively new to the workforce and didn’t have any set career goals. He wanted to use his foreign language skills, but wasn’t sure in what type of job or how to package his skills appealingly. Mike barely had a CV to begin with, so he needed one that spoke to these specific assets, in a professional-looking CV format.

Headshot of Mike
The initial impact that [the CV] has when it looks so well done gives a whole different impression.

How We Helped

Mike bought the Junior Level CV-writing package, which includes a CV and one revision. He was paired with a professional CV writer, Miranda, who worked with him to:

  • Emphasise his foreign language translation proficiency and automotive industry work experience.
  • Demonstrate how his foreign language translation skills provided value in the workplace.
  • Optimize his CV with more industry-specific keywords.


Mike's CV before TopCV


Mike's CV after TopCV
Headshot of Mike
The first interview I got was my dream job. I was so excited — they were talking about all this travel that I would get to do. Working with TopCV gave me a lot of confidence.

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