Leslie's Story

I wrote my own CV and it just wasn’t going anywhere. I didn’t know what was wrong.

About Leslie


20+ years

Previous Job

eDiscovery/Litigation Support

In a nutshell

Wanted to re-enter her field, needed a cleaner format.


Leslie went back to school to complete her university degree, and had to tie her recent experience back to her prior industry. She needed help telling her career story in a cohesive way.

Leslie spent most of her career in litigation. When she decided to complete her degree, she took on a job in a completely different industry. After graduating, Leslie wanted to return to her field, but wasn’t sure where her recent work experience fit into her career history. As a result, Leslie had too much information crammed into her CV, making it difficult for a hiring manager to quickly scan.

Headshot of Leslie
I got the draft back and opened it up and said, ‘Wow!’ It had a pow. Within 30 days, I had two solid offers on the table and one pending.

How We Helped

Leslie bought the Mid-Level CV-writing package, which includes a CV and two CV revisions. She was paired with a professional CV writer, Caryn, who worked with her to:

  • Identify skills used in her recent work that were transferrable to her target job.
  • Craft a professional work summary at the top, calling out her career goals and qualifications.
  • Reformat her CV, giving it a clean, polished look.


Leslie's CV before TopCV


Leslie's CV before TopCV
Headshot of Leslie
Caryn put a sales pitch into my CV. She wasn’t selling someone who I’m not. She just made it stronger.

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