Casey's Story

I just didn't feel confident sending my CV out. I knew I wasn't going to get any callbacks and I didn't know how to make it better.

About Casey


11+ years

Previous Job

Budget Management for the Arts

In a nutshell

Wanted to change industries, needed a CV that told a better story.


Casey wanted to transition from one industry to another. She needed help highlighting the job skills she had that could translate when changing careers.

Casey had been working in the nonprofit world for awhile, and was looking to make a change to the financial services industry. She was eager to use her budget management experience, but was unsure how to play up her job skills in a way that would attract employers. Her original CV simply didn’t give recruiters a good idea of her career goals.

Headshot of Casey
My writer was able to pull out a better story. When I saw the skills that she highlighted for me, I was able to think, ‘Oh right, I am good at that.’

How We Helped

Casey bought the Mid-Level package, which includes a CV and two CV revisions. She was paired with a professional CV writer, Gemma, who worked with her to:

  • Figure out which job skills would be most valuable in her target career field.
  • Highlight these job skills throughout her professional summary and work experience.
  • Added proper keywords to ensure her CV would pass the recruiting software.


Casey's CV before TopCV


Casey's CV before TopCV
Headshot of Casey
With the new CV, I feel more confident. I’m not great at talking about myself or promoting myself so it was great to have someone else do that.

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